Pea, Kale and Spaghetti Squash pasta? Yes, yes indeed!

You know when you think you have nothing to cook and you are about to go out to eat? Don’t! Just make what you have work by playing with key flavors & textures. There are no rules for deliciousness! Frozen peas= great texture & sweetness Tomatoes= acidic & robust Kale= Fibrous & slightly bitter Almonds= […]

Oh it feels so good. Pomegranate punch & breakfast tacos:)

I have been so busy the past month that I have neglected my urge to get creative in the kitchen. Clarification–I have neglected my urge to get creative in my own kitchen. I spend so much of my time cooking outside the house (which I adore) but I just cooked up a great little concoction […]

Traveling Recipes featured in NewsKorea!

Bibim kitchen (the mixed harmonious kitchen) is a monthly food column that I write for NewsKorea, the Korean newspaper of Dallas, Austin and San Antonio. Each article features traditional Korean ingredients with a healthy & fusion spin incorporating local Austin veggies. I work with a great team that translates my stories and recipes for the Korean […]

Candy doesn’t have to be bad for you!

I am teaching an after school class called “Sprouting Healthy Kids” with Austin’s Sustainable Food Center. Our goal is to help pave the way for students to develop a life-long relationship with clean, local, & sustainable food. Hopefully we can better their food choices and knowledge/exposure to what real food actually is. And we WILL…I […]

Open House with The Little Yoga House

I have been teaching the Nourishing Kids Class for Austin’s only all kids yoga studio, The Little Yoga House, for almost a year now! Yesterday was our first open house and it was a beautiful success. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the parents and educating them about what we do in our class! After a quick […]

What has our Nourishing Kids Class “bean” up to..???

Have you ever thought about all of the different types, sizes, shapes, and colors of beans? Well, are Nourishing Kids have. We learned all sorts of information and facts about beans: Mr. Putter & Tabby Spill The Beans taught us how to get excited about cooking with beans and the many different ways you can prepare them. We sorted […]

Simple summer soup, so satisfying.

This summer has been extremely hot and unpredictably busy. However; one of our goals has been to eat well (and cheap) at home even if it means to have soup a few nights a week or throw together a quick veggie stirfry with our frozen goodies. The heat doesn’t deter us from making this simple […]

Dinner for my dad’s clients!

I never thought my dad would ask me to cater a veggie-based meal for his clients and co-workers…but when he did, it made my heart smile! My challenge: no garlic, no onions=no problem! I loved looking into the dining room and seeing 6 grown men feast upon a healthy veggie dinner full of color and […]

CSA box= seasonal, local & delicious farm food.

Early in the week I had turned my CSA box of farmers veggies into several different meals: A CSA box is: a community supported agriculture box. A box of produce from the farm for you to cook with and eat. The great things about a CSA box is that 1) you are using the freshest […]

Nourishing Kid’s Class: “Gregory the Terrible Eater”

Another great day of food and learning. We watched “Gregory the Terrible Eater” from Reading Rainbow–Awesome throwback for me! Then had a class discussion on how to not be a fussy eater. We revisited the 5 food groups that we all need to incorporate into a daily diet. We played a game where we rolled […]