Challenges during the Challenge

So I am on a 28 day healthy-clean-detoxing-plant-based challenge. The challenge is to eat whole, unprocessed foods, tons of plants, no refined sugars, only healthy fats (seeds, nuts & avos), and nutrient-dense food (eat the rainbow.) I think we’re going to be just fine.

BUT…Just to put things into perspective; there will always be something that comes up and makes you want to cave. Something tempting that shows up, gets in your face, and tries to make you buckle. No way around it.

Case in point….yesterday, the very first (full) day of the challenge my brother-in-law, who was visiting from Colorado, showed up at my front door at 8am with 2 dozen (what?!!!) boxes of Shipley’s doughnuts. What did I do? I stuck to my guns and made this in 10 minutes! Phew, passed the test. That was close.

P1060983 P1060984 P1060985


Well, that was yesterday morning. Wouldn’t it be the way things work out to have my other brother-in-law’s annual pig roast fall on day 1 as well? Not only was there homemade sausage, and BBQ, but loads of cheesy, oily and tempting side dishes. Oh, and let me not forget the desserts. So what did I do? I planned ahead. I took an hour out of my morning off to sing and cook in the kitchen. I made my own dish to take to the party:
P1060986 P1060988 P1060991 P1060992 P1060993 P1060994 P1060995
Bring it challenge!

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