Specializing in: (click on the links for further information)

1. Healthy Happy Hour Cooking Classes

2. Food Coaching

3. Healthy Catering

4. Nourishing Kids Classes

5. In-home private cheffing & nutrition education

I have been a teacher and coach by trade throughout my life and now I’ve found my niche. The benefits of my services:

  • Improved eating habits, knowledge of nutrition and whole foods, and overall wellness
  • Assessment of individuals’ kitchen, pantry, and refrigerator and recommendations to create optimum cooking preparedness 
  • Encouragement and support to provide people with the confidence they need to prepare healthy and whole foods themselves
  • Guided grocery store tours and nutrition education 
  • Hands on cooking demos (along side clients) and personalized recipes to fit each individuals needs
  • Follow up consultations and cooking lessons
  • Smiles and laughs along the way

Please feel free to contact me with any inquiries.

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