Food Coaching

I work with families and I work with food. It’s a symbiotic relationship. I fulfill my personal goal (spreading my passion for teaching and nourishing food) while meeting others where they need to be met in order for them to attain their goals. Who inspires who? I don’t rightfully know:)

Here is where it started……

It has been on my heart for quite some time now to help my friends, family, and community have a closer and more meaningful relationship with the food they eat. Food is such a HUGE part of living, socializing, finances, health, and day to day interactions so why would we not want to be more conscious of its value in our lives?

I have found my niche, bringing the know-how of good, real, healthy food into anyones kitchen, so I have decided to expand my purpose with food coaching. I want to advocate for personal and community health, living sustainably, buying local, and cooking natural and fresh food–without a recipe!

Please understand that I am not a professionally trained culinary chef nor a registered dietitian/nutritionist.  I am a food and health driven educator that sincerely wants to make a difference in people’s lives through food. I encourage and assist others in developing a relationship with their kitchen through cooking real wholesome food at home. The true meaning of eating and supporting “local.”

It is my goal to bring this hands on experience into struggling communities and to help our children be offered a more nourishing life.

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