Traveling Recipes caters NYC

Catering in New York was incredible. I arrived Thursday morning, shopped Thursday afternoon in downtown Manhattan (wish is an accomplishment in itself), prepped Thursday night, cooked all day Friday, and carefully displayed each dish across a table for when the guest of honor arrived.

I felt so lucky to be part of a perfect evening and contribute my love of good, healthy, wholesome, real food.

The event was self-serve, arranged beautifully with vibrantly colored platters, white tables cloths, flower and herbal arrangements, and of course…the most gorgeous presentation of natural and healthy foods. The dinner menu follows.
1) Make it yourself salad bar:
-mixed greens
-shaved sweet potato
-freshly sliced; cucumbers, red cabbage, and grape tomatoes
-walnuts and pumpkin seeds
-homemade dressing served in a hollowed out honeydew
2) Kale, kohlrabi, and beet warm salad
-green kale
-golden beets
-sesame seeds
-korean red pepper
3) Sautéed spicy and smokey mushrooms served on Endive leaves
-portobella mushrooms
-crushed red pepper
-fresh rosemary
4) Sprouted baguette sliders:
-toasted Baguette
-Homemade hummus
-black beans
-red onions
-cilantro and dill
-Nutritional Yeast
5) Chips and dip:
-chips (healthiest we can find)
-Cracked wheat
-white onion
-milled flax seed
-nutritional yeast
-chili powder
*) Chamomile tea, with chamomile flowers served with homemade granola, honey (or strawberry puree) and fresh fruit

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