Day 26 Dinner: Lentil stuffed mushrooms, warm carrot & cabbage salad & wild rice

We had beans on the stove, but they weren’t ready. Lentils cook in 15 minutes and that’s how long it took to put this strange concoction together. Luckily, it’s very difficult to mess up when cooking with veggies and love;) D-licious.

What I love about this challenge is that it centers around your kitchen and eating in the home. Something we seldom do on a consistent basis anymore. With this cold winter weather, my man and warm home cooked food on the table, I feel complete;)

1) Caramelized onions (w/o oil-so easy so good) and warming up my portobellos.

photo 12) Pink lentils with cracked pepper and a dash of tamari. Spooned into the mushrooms and dusted with nutritional yeast.

3) Wild rice with cilantro, pecans, and a dash of tomatillo salsa.

4) Warm carrot and cabbage salad. (Caramelized onions, water, garlic, ginger, hot pepper vinegar, and fresh cilantro.)

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

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