I love families and making them nourishing food!!

This was week two of cooking up goodness for an incredible family. They have adopted me into their home to come once a week and make several meals as well as put several “kits” together–so they can cook a night or two too. They get a CSA box and I love being able to make on-the-spot […]

Nourishing Kid’s Class: MyPlate

During this week’s Nourishing Kid’s Class we learned about the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s MyPlate initiative.  Not only do we now understand all of the elements that make a healthy diet, but we also decided to be ambassadors of healthy eating for our fellow friends and classmates. We started off with a quick video that […]

Wine and Dine Community Cooking Class!

I am so excited and want to share this event with all of you! I am co-hosting a cooking class highlighting plant-based & nourishing dishes using produce from several local farms. The farms tell me what they have in season, I make a menu around it and then we all learn to make easy, delicious […]

Inspirational Korean dinner

This meal inspired me because……. Last night I got together with some Korean friends for a meeting. We are all so busy these days that our meeting had been postponed several times and the only time we could find to get together was late Friday night. When I arrived to Susie’s house she was also […]

Nourishing Kid’s Popcorn Party!

This week’s nutrition education class with Austin’s only “All kids” yoga studio, The Little Yoga House, was so much fun! After all, who doesn’t like a popcorn party where you air-pop the popcorn?! The kids arrived and the room already smelled of yummy popcorn–was that the inner teacher in me trying to motivate my kiddos […]

Fathers Day Shabu Shabu

What is Shabu Shabu? I will tell you… I wanted to treat my dad and my dad-in-law to a fathers day feast that was not only delicious but allowed them to sit back and enjoy their day. They always end up being the ones that do the grilling or cooking on occasions like this, but […]

Nourishing Kids’ Class: Pancakes Pancakes!

We had 14 little friends attending The Little Yoga House’s summer camp this week! I teach the food and nutrition segment of camp and this time we learned: how to make vegan pancakes what ingredients go in a pancake why a whole wheat & oat pancake and topped with fresh fruit provided us with great […]

Summer power snacks

Fast, fresh and simple go-to food. I have been on the go and just throwing fresh food together–makes for some pretty yummy flavors and the food does all the work! Check out each photo’s description to see how easy good food can appear on a plate/in your belly. Leftover quinoa, finely chopped chard, chopped onions/carrots/purple cabbage, […]

Nourishing Kids’ Class–Potluck Party!

Oh how I have enjoyed teaching these little kiddos about veggies and how to cook easy & tasty wholesome dishes. In each class we get to explore food through tasting, touching, smelling, listening and we learn about healthy eating facts when playing food games. The kids are always willing to participate and make the food […]

Spring Rejuvenation….

Enjoying the sun, breathing fresh air, getting out to be with nature–it is not overrated. I have been going pretty fast-paced this past year, so I have spent the last month winding down and rejuvenating my spirits. How?–Biking around Austin, dips in Barton Springs, long walks with friends, quiet time, kayaking, hydrating, cooking up great food […]