CSA box= seasonal, local & delicious farm food.

Early in the week I had turned my CSA box of farmers veggies into several different meals:

A CSA box is: a community supported agriculture box. A box of produce from the farm for you to cook with and eat. The great things about a CSA box is that 1) you are using the freshest and most seasonal produce imaginable 2) you feel like you are in the TV series Chopped…here are your ingredients, now go! You can’t really screw up because veggies just need a little love to become a delicious & balanced meal. I cooked for 3 1/3 hours one day but made a week’s worth of seasonal yummy food. Here’s what we did with our box; simple, fresh, and fulfilling.

image_1 image_5 image_6 image_7 image_8 image_9



Dinner all week was amazing. Near the end of the week I had a lovely evening with some lady friends–much needed catching up. When the night ended, I was starving and knew I needed a light and healthy dinner. And, I wanted something a little different. I looked in the fridge, picked out some veggies from 3 day old soup and placed them in a lettuce leaf. Added some pre-made wheat berry grains, some kimchi & cilantro. Topped with sriracha and walnuts.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

I love my CSA box and eating off of it all week. Thank you local farmers!

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