Simple summer soup, so satisfying.

This summer has been extremely hot and unpredictably busy. However; one of our goals has been to eat well (and cheap) at home even if it means to have soup a few nights a week or throw together a quick veggie stirfry with our frozen goodies.

The heat doesn’t deter us from making this simple leek and potato soup every week. Our go-to meal for a very busy summer: red potato, mushroom, leek, veggie stock, garlic, serrano, carrot, and cracked pepper.

We have fallen in love with this soup and you should too:) Appreciate it for it’s simple flavor, easy prep, and nourishing content.

Serving size: 4-6

1) Quarter small red potatoes and then half them again. (4-5 potatoes)

2) Peel the leek and slice on a diagonal-thick is good! (1 large leek)

3) Cut the mushrooms in thick slices (6 mushrooms)

4) Chop 1 carrot into quarters

5) Chop garlic (2 cloves) and slice one serrano (if you like heat)

6) Add 8 cups of veggie stock (or 1/2 cube of veggie bouillon to 8 cups water)  and all of the ingredients to a pot (except mushrooms) and bring to heavy simmer for 10 minutes…then add mushrooms and cracked pepper and let simmer for 5 more.

7) Eat up!

This dish can be revamped by removing the veggies and making a lettuce wrap or taco. Add Avocado, pecans, sriracha, and/or refried beans for your perfect bite!

potato soup





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