December Go Texan, Go Local Culinary Workshop

I can’t even express how amazing these classes are. Tear/smile/gratitude.

My husband asked me; “Andi, how do you feel after teaching one of these classes?” I feel the feeling of euphoria circulate…I am overcome with pride and honor…I feel like, for the 2 hours we spend together, life seems to taste sweeter than ever….or was that the homemade pumpkin pie? Ultimately I feel thankful for being granted this opportunity. I know when I grow old and I reflect on my youth I will smile fondly upon this work as I do this very moment.

The concept alone is beautiful but it’s really the people (the Austin community) that bring the energy and create these life-giving dishes. Why are these classes so important?

1) They are all about seasonal, local, and sustainable produce. 90% of the food comes from local farms

2) The space we cook in is AMAZING; thanks SFC Austin. The ambiance, the materials and tools available and the fact that we are cooking in a building that plays such an active and crucial role in ATX is super cool.

3) These classes are FREE to the public & offer hands-on learning. You learn tips, skills, and best of all… you learn that following a recipe just isn’t that important when cooking with food this way.

4) You get to eat your fill of gourmet-style farm food. No one leaves hungry.

5) The food we make is healing and nutrient-dense food that will taste as good as it makes you feel.

Thank you to ingredients & The Texas Department of Agriculture for making this happen!! So happy:)

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The Menu & Recipes:

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