October Go Texan, Go Local Culinary Workshop

I am so humbled and amazed by this amazing event.

Traveling Recipes along with Austin’s own in.gredients (a zero-waste, package-free microgrocer selling local foods with pure ingredients) put together a FREE community culinary workshop to teach a farm to table healthy eating cooking class and it was a huge success! 17 people huddled in the new kitchen at Austin’s Sustainable Food Center to participate in a hands on culinary event where they made 6 plant-based dishes using and focusing on locally grown produce.

I created 6 plant-based menus in which each and every attendant poured their love, creativity and culinary talents into. This evening was the perfect recipe for community bonding, supporting the local farm movement, and cultivating a sincere respect  for real, local, clean & honest food. After a short presentation that explained who I am, why I do what I do, and what all of our guests had gotten themselves into, we split up into 6 groups and made 6 different incredibly healthy and seasonal dishes.

A big thanks to the participants who were all smiles and created some truly beautiful food. Your energy made the class! Looking forward to the next one. Let me know if YOU are interested…did I mention they are free?!?

Here are the recipes and picture to prove that this magical evening really happened!

Go Texan Go Local spag squash

Go Texan Go Local Raw Pad Thai

Go Texan Go Local Pho

Go Texan Go Local Nut butter truffles

Go Texan Go Local Loaded Salad

Go Texan Go Local Fiesta Quinoa

9259_593395324052872_1548165004_n 524709_593395474052857_246141792_n 561915_593395410719530_1821396350_n 578045_593395390719532_1643409498_n 994056_593395230719548_549950459_n 1000214_593395310719540_1114326495_n 1376533_593395030719568_334104729_n 1377038_593395550719516_57689006_n 1377335_593395534052851_100271375_n 1377363_593395380719533_1397141596_n 1379311_593395220719549_1377557594_n 1379619_593395360719535_996129877_n 1380011_593395574052847_327355569_n 1380046_593395127386225_2145558218_n 1381493_593395024052902_43450388_n 1382252_593395487386189_1715153085_n 1382270_593395110719560_683314394_n 1383168_593395507386187_703537718_n 1384278_593395130719558_2112716281_n 1391657_593395457386192_1898649970_n 1391678_593395437386194_1376890863_n 1392477_593395610719510_1859366286_n 1394783_593395027386235_2125939569_n 1395991_593395224052882_1872792918_n

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