Fruit: it’s what’s for dessert

Last night I had a hankering for a delectable dessert. I wanted to use whole ingredients and after canvasing ingredients my eyes fell upon a delicious sweet tango apple and a very ripe banana…then this happened: Step 1: slice apple thin ( save a few fresh pieces for garnish) and place in pan with drizzled […]

Tomato Time

Tis the season for tomatoes and my favorite….heirloom tomatoes. Lie–my favorite are called Early Girl tomatoes but heirlooms are a close second. Raw heirloom salad: sliced and quartered heirlooms, lemon juice and zest, deseeded and minced red jalapeño, dash of vinegar of choice, chiffonade basil, diced peaches and cracked pepper. Allow to marinate for 15 […]

Feed me COLOR!

Spring roll summer nights… Step 1: Gather lots of colors and prep julienne-style Step 2: Make yummy sauces a) Peanut: peanut butter, sriracha, ginger, lime, garlic, brown rice vinegar, tamari and korean red pepper b) Fishy sauce: fish sauce, lime, peppers, garlic, scallions, cilantro, brown rice vinegar Step 3: Baked tofu: compressed tofu to release […]

Feeding the world…

One day I hope to truly feed the whole world– but until that day comes…I am happy with the small part of the world that I do get to nourish here at home. There is nothing quiet like getting centered in the kitchen of one of the family’s that I cook for. Being in their […]

Intuitive batch cooking

While planning ahead may have shaved some minutes off my time spent in the kitchen….I did just make 6 dishes in less than 2 hours. It was, yes, at my leisure and recipe-free. I think I was making up for the fact that I haven’t been cooking smart lately. Shop sales, shop the season, wash, prep raw […]

Wild Kratts, zoo animals & healthy bday snacks

I had some fun coming up with the animal-inspired food for my nephews joint bday party. Safari Greg from Austin Zoo and Animal Sanctuary brought a gator, snakes, a porcupine and a turtle…and they all brought along their favorite healthy snack for the kids to much on during the show. Yum fun. Aren’t my boys […]

Go Texas Go Local Community Cooking Class Take 4

Each participant of this event engages in the mission and vision of the class. We have cultivated a vibe for these classes that goes beyond just a free cooking class. In the weeks leading up, we hone in on how we can create a space of community, openness, learning, local & sustainable advocacy and of […]

Summer Spritzer Bar

Who needs a soda or sweet tea for refreshment this summer when you can have this? A spritzer bar is a healthy, BEAUTIFUL and D-licious way to beat the heat. Fill jars of fresh berries, alternated citrus (oranges too), sliced cucumbers, sliced jalapeños, mint, cilantro and honey water. Tips for perfect spritzer: Begin with muddling […]

Urban Roots Tour de Farm: Annual signature fundraiser

I love my job and ATX! What a magical, beautiful and peaceful evening spent on Austin’s Urban Roots farm. I am humbled to have been awarded the opportunity to represent WFM as a Chef/Healthy Eating Specialist amongst the line-up of incredible Austin foodies such as Paul Qui, Bryce Gilmore, Daniel Olliveria, Matthew Baugh and Rene […]

Kimchi, Kimchi…it is good for you and me, again.

Yesterday was the 5th annual Kimchi making fest. Mark and I love and look forward to this day the instant we eat the last bite of that years’ kimchi. Uncle Ray grows the cabbage, green onions, leeks, and Daikon radish. He then harvests it all and soaks the cabbage in salt water the night before […]