Teach a man to cook…

Ever since my husband and I moved to Hawaii for 3 months in September of 2009 to camp out on an organic coffee and mango farm, our ideas about food have shifted. During our stay on the beautiful 11 acres of rolling tropical landscape with an unreal vista of Kealakekua bay something shifted and we both developed a more grounded and deeper appreciation for food grown from the ground. I went crazy in our outdoor kitchen and cooked all day it seemed. I never had felt so connected to food and the nourishment it provided. It was on that farm that I began my true food journey.

Over the years I have harnessed my skills, studied nutrition, worked in several industrial kitchens and developed my culinary talents that seemed to intuitively appear once I stepped foot into a kitchen. My husband, Mark, has always enjoyed the food I cooked and as time progressed over the years he wanted to help in the kitchen. First I think he just wanted to pitch in because that’s the kind of man he his but his help began to evolve into curiosity for pairing flavors, balancing meals and honing his own culinary skills. We spent several years working side by side creating vibrant & delicious meals while I mentored him slowly. In the past year or two he has relaxed his need to question his work through me and instead engaged his own inner-chef. I call his meals Markrobiotic because he has a unique way of keeping ingredients & flavor profiles to a minimum yet his meals always seem to provide such a full and perfect finish.

Yesterday I came home to this and I have to say, it was amazing!

**Give a man a meal & you feed him for a day. Teach a man to cook and he feeds you for life!**

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