Super-sized Sandwich

I often hear, “vegan food is bird food.” Or, for example, my carnivorous cousin was staying at our place last month and being a great sport about eating plant-based. One night while on the phone and describing the meal she had to her boyfriend he said; “that’t not food- that’s food’s food.” I thought that […]

Teach a man to cook…

Ever since my husband and I moved to Hawaii for 3 months in September of 2009 to camp out on an organic coffee and mango farm, our ideas about food have shifted. During our stay on the beautiful 11 acres of rolling tropical landscape with an unreal vista of Kealakekua bay something shifted and we […]

No-frills Breakfast Burrito

When you have 5 minutes to throw together breakfast…you have 5 whole minutes to make something nourishing. One of my go-to’s is my basic bean breakfast burrito. Low fat, minimal prep and happy belly! What you need: Whole wheat burrito size tortilla. Heat for 25 seconds before making so it durable. Can of refried no […]

Banana Bread Pancake Thing!

A rare pancake craving lead to a new invention: Banana Bread Pancakes! So easy, so rich, so good. Here’s all you need to make this 15 minute magic. 1 very ripe banana: leave in peel and mush until it’s almost a liquid. Peel and place contents in bowl. Add 1/2 cup oats & 1/4 cup […]


Feeling my food batteries recharged after a week in Sedona with the Engine 2 team I am back in action and no one is going hungry. So far this week in my plant-based kitchen: 5 Veggie Lasagna (Whole wheat no boil noodles, Engine 2 pasta sauce, homemade creamy cashew cheese, fresh basil/eggplant/mushrooms/zucchini/tomato & frozen spinach layered […]

Engine 2 Sedona Spring Immersion

“Eat more healthfully. Engage in more activity. Allow yourself the space to think. We have assembled an incredible staff of doctors, chefs, scientists, nutritionists, fitness trainers, and more, to help you discover a more fulfilling and enjoyable lifestyle. This journey is all about customizing our tools to fit your world and leaving with a renewed […]

14 Day “Eat Better” Challenge

I am leading a 14 Day Healthy Food Challenge for 100+ Team Members at my work. The Challenge: Eat more of the good stuff including beans, dark leafy greens, colorful veggies, fruit, whole grains, & smaller/leaner ounces of animal protein. The Perk: In this challenge it’s all about focusing on the positive. Team Members can keep […]

Prepping for the week

So I went a little nuts in the kitchen today. Recipes included and all dishes have no salt, sugar and only healthy fats. BOOM! Sunny Pecan Spread Serves 4-6 Versatile uses: As spread in Portobello burger, a spread on a sandwich, a dip with assorted veggies, add to beans to make thick chili, or use […]

I love families and making them nourishing food!!

This was week two of cooking up goodness for an incredible family. They have adopted me into their home to come once a week and make several meals as well as put several “kits” together–so they can cook a night or two too. They get a CSA box and I love being able to make on-the-spot […]