Super-sized Sandwich

I often hear, “vegan food is bird food.” Or, for example, my carnivorous cousin was staying at our place last month and being a great sport about eating plant-based. One night while on the phone and describing the meal she had to her boyfriend he said; “that’t not food- that’s food’s food.” I thought that was a pretty good one!

The fact of the matter is we really can shift our focus to become more conscious creatures who eat food without having to make another creature suffer. And if you’re not into that, maybe you can try to source your meat & dairy from non- factory farmed abusive markets. And if you are still not into that…maybe you are the perfect person to check this new film out: At The Fork I am super excited to see it this week! Keep learning y’all, at least then you can make an educated choice.

Today’s bird food…a SPICY super-sized, veggie-powered, mouth-watering SANDWICH.


  • Toasted whole grain bread
  • Double spread: Kite Hill Cream Cheese & Old Style Whole Grain Dijon
  • Avo
  • Carrot, cucumber, pickle, heirloom tomatoes & onion slices
  • Engine 2 Pinto Habanero Burgers
  • Fresh lemon juice
  • Paprika, cracked pepper & sriracha

sammie fixings

And in just 10 minutes, we were grubbing down on this guy. *No one was harmed in the making of this meal*

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