Tomato Time

Tis the season for tomatoes and my favorite….heirloom tomatoes. Lie–my favorite are called Early Girl tomatoes but heirlooms are a close second.

Raw heirloom salad: sliced and quartered heirlooms, lemon juice and zest, deseeded and minced red jalapeño, dash of vinegar of choice, chiffonade basil, diced peaches and cracked pepper. Allow to marinate for 15 minutes.

Sun-dried tomato & soba noodle pasta: sun-dried tomatoes, capers & chopped olives, pecans, red onions, basil, lemon, jalapeño, cracked pepper, sautéed mushrooms (in garlic, paprika, tamari and water), kale (add before serving and it will wilt in the dish), soba noodles, and juice from sautéed mushrooms to bring it all together

Sun-dried tomato toast: pink lentils, chopped rehydrated sun-dried tomatoes, basil, lemon juice, avocado, sesame seeds, cracked pepper & toasted whole grain sour dough bread

Speedy bowl of goodness: (layered from first ingredient to last) Brown rice, black beans, chopped tomatoes/ romaine lettuce/onions/bell pepper/red cabbage, diced avocado, pink lentils, chipotle salsa, cracked pepper and lime juice. Mix it up and chow.

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