Feed me COLOR!

Spring roll summer nights…

Step 1: Gather lots of colors and prep julienne-style

Step 2: Make yummy sauces

a) Peanut: peanut butter, sriracha, ginger, lime, garlic, brown rice vinegar, tamari and korean red pepper

b) Fishy sauce: fish sauce, lime, peppers, garlic, scallions, cilantro, brown rice vinegar

Step 3: Baked tofu: compressed tofu to release excess water, slice into rectangles, marinate in hot sauce, turmeric, ginger & garlic and bake for 20 minutes on each side

Step 4: Optional sides: kimchi sautéed with mushrooms and blistered shishito peppers–both 5 minute dishes

Step 5: Create your spread

Step 6: Bowl of luke warm water and brown rice papers and brown rice noodles

Step 7: Try to make it through dinner without passing out from shear joy

P1070766 P1070767 P1070768 P1070769 P1070770 P1070771 P1070773 P1070774 P1070775 P1070785

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