Engine 2 Sedona Spring Immersion

“Eat more healthfully. Engage in more activity. Allow yourself the space to think. We have assembled an incredible staff of doctors, chefs, scientists, nutritionists, fitness trainers, and more, to help you discover a more fulfilling and enjoyable lifestyle. This journey is all about customizing our tools to fit your world and leaving with a renewed sense of self and purpose.” –2Forks Engine 2 & Forks Over Knives

My husband and I just got back from a transformational and rejuvenating trip to Sedona for the Engine 2 Immersion Spring 2016. Feeling lighter, happier, more health conscious and just about as food-passionate as ever.

I don’t know if it was the breathtaking location, the world-class speakers, the 100 participants from all across the US, the plant-strong food or the empowering nature of building community but this was a trip of a lifetime.

As a Whole Foods Market team member I am humbled & honored to be part of an organization who puts their team members health first as a core value & company priority. Every year WFM sends up to 400 high-health-risk team members to 1 of 4 week long immersions to reclaim their health and learn how to eat a whole foods plant based diet.Whole Foods Market & Engine 2 have a special partnership built on the values of our healthy eating initiatives program. E2 hosts just one of the 4 Immersions-but after experiencing it I think it’s safe to say it’s the best one!

Thank you Whole Foods Market and thank you Engine 2 team for pouring your hearts, knowledge and hard work into these life-changing events.

Food photo credit to the amazing Wade Clark!

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  1. Brenda Burke

    It was a changing point in my life. Before going to the program in sedona I was on 7 meds now I’m on two. I have lost weight and continue to. It was great

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