HHHCC New Braunfels Take 3!

The third New Braunfels Healthy Happy Hour Cooking Class was probably my favorite! Well, not true, they have all been my favorite but this one was special. This class lead me straight to the heart  (pun intended) of why I am doing this.

My Mother-In-Law hosted this one and it wasn’t but a few months ago when we were all sitting in the hospital family room waiting for the news that my Father-In-Law was recovering and the surgery was a success. My FIL had to have emergency surgery on his Carotid Artery as it was 99% blocked. To hear more about this story, click on the link: https://travelingrecipes.com/2012/06/06/600/

The evening was delightful and elicited great conversation. At one point during my presentation I asked the ladies questions about whether or not they knew anyone with heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cancer, and so on…they all raised their hands at least once. I feel it’s important to open a dialogue about how the food we eat can be related to health issues and what the standard American diet can do to our bodies. By no means are my classes conducted to heal, repair, or reverse any health issues but they are here to open awareness and to help you learn to cook nourishing food in your home.

It was a new experience for a beautiful group of ladies. They were introduced to a totally new and creative way to cook. Some had never tasted quinoa, cooked portobello mushrooms, or ever seen kale. Not only did they try different foods, but they learned how to prepare them in and easy and convenient ways…after all they did all the cooking. Instead of the traditional salt and pepper method, we learned how to flavor with alternative seasonings. This group discovered some new secrets in the kitchen while managing to have a fun night of socializing with old and NEW friends.

We were also able to celebrate my FIL’s success since the surgery. He has lost 29 lbs, has cut his diabetes and blood pressure medicine from four pills a day to one, and he has had to buy a completely new wardrobe…sounds like a good problem to have. Not to forget to mention, my MIL has lost over 15 lbs and looks absolutely fabulous!

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