Happy Hour Cooking Class: New Braunfels…Take 2

After hearing about these classes and what a great time we were having, my mom had to get involved. When I got to her home a few hours early with all the washed groceries, recipe cards, computer for the presentation, and the other 4 bags of class materials–she was the nervous one! She was buzzing around the kitchen, vacuuming, and asking me the same questions over and over. Are you sure you have everything? Do you really think they will like the potato salad? What time do we start?–Typical mom fashion! However; once we sipped on a beverage and had each station up and ready to go, and we were able to relax just before each guest arrived; the nerves subsided and turned into pure joy! We were ready to do this class together in the name of good fun and good health.

We had so much fun and the ladies made amazing meals. The conversations that spark between the guests are perhaps one of my favorite parts of HHHCC. They spoke about never having eaten this way, some talked about the massive heart attack they had suffered a few years back, and others stated how they were happy to be learning some new tricks.

These classes are such a gift in my life and I believe they are serving a greater purpose–Building healthier people and families. Everyone was so surprised with how tasty the food was when adding only the simplest ingredients. Just clean, minimal, fresh food and we all sincerely enjoyed ourselves.

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