Thai on the fly!

Know what you have in your kitchen and what few extra things from the market would add to create the most perfect and simple dish.

I had tofu, baby bok choy (from the farmers market), spicy red peppers (from mom’s garden),1/2 a container of red curry paste, a few carrots, green cabbage, jalapeño vinegar, cilantro, romaine, ginger, garlic, limes, amino liquid, and peanut butter.

I grabbed some whole wheat udon noodles from the store on my way home from work. They had a good amount of fiber, low sodium, decent carbs–so I only used a 1/2 a serving, plus a little protein and iron!

I canvassed all of my Asian flavors and set them out: lime, ginger, garlic, curry paste, spicy vinegar, amino liquid, and cilantro. I was ready to create!

I chopped up all of the veggies and tofu and threw them in a pan with minced garlic, ginger, dash amino liquid, veggie broth, curry paste, and spicy peppers. Sauté for 5~7 minutes on med/low and set aside.

While the stir fry was simmering, I made a peanut sauce–easily substituted with any nut butter: Peanut butter, jalapeño vinegar, lime juice, dash honey, ginger, and spicy peppers! Easy on the peppers if you have a low spice tolerance.

That was it! I chopped up fresh cilantro, green onions, and set aside some romaine for making lettuce wraps. The wrap was delicious!! Assemble as so: romaine leaf, spread nut sauce, small handful of noodles, tofu sirtfry, squeeze lime, and them garnishings!


Even a leftover Thai bowl for tomorrows’ lunch!


We had such a fresh, low-cal, and spicy dinner we decided to have some dessert to seal the deal.

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