Reinventing Healthy Happy Hour Leftovers

After spending a fabulous HHHCC night in New Braunfels with my MIL, she sent me home with a few extra groceries and ingredients that hadn’t been used: A head of Romaine, homemade hummus and black beans, sliced radishes, red onions, cilantro, green cabbage, a few carrots, and toasted sesame seeds.

The next day my friend was coming over for a potluck dinner..well, a potluck for 2 couples. She said she was making Kimchi Chigae (amazing soft tofu/kimchi soup), sesame seaweed, and sticky rice. I had no desire to go to the store and my fridge was full, so I need to think of a dish or two to compliment her dishes. Something to go with Asian…contemporary Asian…fusion Asian…OK, I had it!

Using the leftovers from the class, we had a beautiful Asian feast! I julienned the radishes, chopped the onions, shredded the cabbage, sliced the carrots, added cilantro, toasted sesame seeds, and a few tomatoes I needed to use and threw them all into a bowl. In the Magic Bullet: 2 tablespoon of Peanut butter, a few glugs of Jalapeño vinegar, a dash of curry and sriracha, and a splash of water. Once it blended, I tossed it with the bowl of fresh veggies.

I served it with romaine lettuce leaves, rainbow chard leaves, fresh cilantro, and the leftover spicy hummus and black beans…I reckon this might be my new “Asian Fusion” go-to meal!

Once they arrived we popped open a few beers and enjoyed a freakishly delicious and quick feast.

Please feel free to message me anytime to get some “reinventing leftovers” tips!

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