Food is thy medicine.

This past Monday, June 4th 2012, I sat with my family at the hospital and waiting with hope that everything would go smoothly. My father-in-law was having a 99% plaque blockage removed from his carotid artery.

A week before the surgery we had no idea about the blockage. It was a mere miracle that my FIL’s best friend (a Vascular Surgeon) prompted him to get a check up. Within a week he was on the operating table undergoing an extensive surgery. He was a walking stroke and we were extremely lucky to have found out.

The day before the surgery, I invited my in-laws up to do a food coaching day with me. I spent hours the previous day planning, printing, grocery list-making, and recipe writing so that they could feel prepared to make healthy and healing meals once he was home recovering. We went to whole foods, ate at the Green’s bar (the raw and vegan bar where I work), read labels, and filled our cart with real, non-processed, and plant-strong foods. Though I am sure it was slightly overwhelming, it was a success. I was so very proud of my beautiful mother-in-law. She was amazing.

The surgery went perfect and I can tell that my FIL and MIL are ready to make this healthy and necessary change. So ready in fact that I received an email last night of the plant-strong, no-oil/butter, wholesome and delicious dinner they cooked.

The healing meal:

A whole grain tortilla with lightly sautéed veggies in their own juices, and a side salad with fresh cucumbers and tomatoes.

I really feel like our family has been given another chance. A chance to celebrate our love for each other and a new understanding of how we can take care of our bodies so that we can enjoy this life together. For some reason I have forced myself to learn about heart disease and holistic health…I can’t imagine a more appropriate time to have picked up this interest. I am very grateful for this.

Cheers to new beginnings, great health, and the love inside of families.

My mother-in-laws dinner:

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