Intuitive batch cooking

While planning ahead may have shaved some minutes off my time spent in the kitchen….I did just make 6 dishes in less than 2 hours. It was, yes, at my leisure and recipe-free. I think I was making up for the fact that I haven’t been cooking smart lately. Shop sales, shop the season, wash, prep raw veggies and create a few dishes that are simple, pleasant and nourishing.

I had some leftover raw asian cashew sauce (similar to a pad thai flavor) and I used it as the base in my first two dishes. I tossed both in a bowl with their assorted ingredients and baked at 435 degrees.

1) Spicy & Sweet Jewel Potato Fries: with pad thai sauce, sliced jalapeños, lots of chopped kimchi, cracked pepper


2) Roasted New potatoes: in a mustard, oregano and cumin sauce (pad thai sauce, german mustard, pickle juice, honey, chopped fresh oregano, cracked pepper, cumin and Korean red pepper) fresh onions and more sauce added after roast.


Then I realized I had a boat-load of cucumbers, tomatoes and green beans from my grandma and uncle’s garden. First I tackled the cucumbers. 1/2 were sliced and added to the brine of my mom’s pickles from her garden that I just ate the last one of, 1/4 were julienned and stir fried with the green beans and the remaining 2 are our to chomp on for a snack. Garden pickles are wonderful snack options.


Green beans: Greens beans, julienne cucumbers, sliced almonds, shaved onion, lemon, honey, crushed red pepper, jalapeño vinegar, dice nectarine & salt to taste


Lastly I threw on a pot of red quinoa to use throughout the week in salads, snack plates and maybe some veggie burgers and then made use of the tomatoes.

Tomatoes sautéed with garlic, white wine, cumin, paprika, korean red pepper, a nectarine pit with the good stuff attached that doesn’t want to leave the seed, basil front the garden, and paprika….I cut the heat and added finely shaved collards to steam with the lids on.


We now have a snack plate for dinner…..


and food to re-invent as breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack for the next few days.


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