Inspirational Korean dinner

This meal inspired me because…….

Last night I got together with some Korean friends for a meeting. We are all so busy these days that our meeting had been postponed several times and the only time we could find to get together was late Friday night.

When I arrived to Susie’s house she was also just arriving after meeting a client outside of Austin. She explained to me that she hadn’t even had time for lunch; she was starving and going to throw a quick dinner together. I love Korean food so you can imagine how eager I was to try her food–especially since she had a large garden, her own chicken’s, and I had heard about her love for healthy cooking. Was she going to make: Chigae? Bibimbop? Sam Gyp Sal? Kimchi Bok Keum Bop? My mouth was watering.

Our other friend was running a few minutes behind and by the time he pulled up-Susie’s dinner was ready. Just look how beautiful. I love the rose in the middle!


In just 25 minutes she had managed to make a deliciously aromatic and colorful meal. What impressed me most, other than the beautiful presentation, was that she had made most of these dishes ahead of time (from scratch using her own eggs and veggies,) incorporated fresh and fragrant asian herbs from the garden, and substituted brown rice for the traditional white. It was these little tricks that made this meal perfect, balanced and filled with love.

Needless to say, we had a wonderful time and felt very nourished from our meal. Thank you Susie for a delicious dinner and for reminding us that a great meal is just a few steps away.

The spread:


Choh gochoojahng: Red chili sweet, spicy and tangy sauce


Gyeranmli is a rolled up fried egg with seaweed inside.


Pajeon is a very popular Korean dish made with eggs, flour, scallions, herbs, peppers and many versions have kimchi or seafood.


Mint, watercrest, andĀ perilla leaves (sesame leaves)


Marinated smokey squid


Brown sticky rice with assorted beans


Eomukguk: Korean fish cake soup.

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