Summer power snacks

Fast, fresh and simple go-to food. I have been on the go and just throwing fresh food together–makes for some pretty yummy flavors and the food does all the work!

Check out each photo’s description to see how easy good food can appear on a plate/in your belly.

image image_1

Leftover quinoa, finely chopped chard, chopped onions/carrots/purple cabbage, a can of pinto beans, lime, 1/2 cup of salsa, mexican oregano, chili powder and cracked pepper.




Kale, lemon, & garlic lightly sautéed and then topped with slivered almonds, peach vinegar and onions.



Olives and onions. Since I don’t like to eat cheese too often, crisp white onions and kalamata olives are my perfect wine snack~!



Sliced tomatoes and tons of fresh basil with cracked pepper, balsamic, lemon, and crushed red peppers.



My Mother-in-laws appetizer snack: sweet snap peas, crackers, almonds, and hummus.




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