Nourishing Kids Class: Edible Easter

Dried fruit learning games, Easter egg hunting, raw chocolate making FUN!!


I look forward to every Thursday because I get to spend some nourishing quality time with my cooking kiddos. We started off todays’ class watching a cute Easter video about the Easter bunny and egg hunting. We then talked about creating our own healthy Easter egg hunt. We learned about different fruits, what makes them healthy and what “dehydrate” means. To help remember the names off all the fruit, we played memory.

image_2 image

The girls had no problem memorizing the fruits so it was time to fill our Easter eggs with fruit and head outside to hide them!

image_3 image_4 image_5

After hiding the eggs we headed back in to cook up some yummy raw cacao treats. (This also provided a time for the girls to forget where all the eggs were hidden, making the hunting more fun!)


Love these ladies and the food fun we have!!

Till next time………………

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  1. Paul Dyba

    Hi, Andi Jo! This is the Paul who eats at Good Greens, about once a week. I hope to see soon the interview between you and the local Korean weekly newspaper.

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