Ho Ho Ho HHHCC strikes again!



Another great night of spreading edible love. I found myself teaching a group of fellow teachers! If one thing is for certain, we all agreed how critical it is to change the way public school are eating AND how we educate kids/teachers/parents/and faculty about nutrition. We had a ton a fun cooking and learning about easy and  delicious plant-based meals.  Looking forward to the next HHHCC in 2013…wow!

Thank you to all of the wonderful and passionate attendees!

P1060484 P1060485 P1060486 P1060487 P1060488 P1060489 P1060490 P1060491 P1060492 P1060494 P1060495 P1060496 P1060498 P1060499 P1060500 P1060501 P1060502 P1060503 P1060505 P1060506 P1060507 P1060508 P1060509


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