Open faced sandwich party!

When cleaning out the fridge last night we needed to put some ingredients to use: a number of already cut and prepared fresh veggies and a 1/4 of a loaf of multigrain baguette sliced bread. I also had some Bok Choy from my uncle’s garden, so I went to work!

Sandwich #1:


Includes: Toasted baguette, homemade hummus spread, blk beans, avocado slices, lime juice, matchstick radishes, red onions, cilantro, milled flax seed, and sriracha.

Sandwich #2:


Includes: Toasted baguette, Diya cheese (vegan cheese substitute), raw Julienne red and yellow bells, Bok Choy sauté (water, chopped Bok Choy, onions, garlic, mushrooms, salt, cracked pepper, honey, red pepper powder, lime juice, oregano, and a dash of jalapeño vinegar–place all in pan and saute, covered, on med, for 10 minutes) Mom’s hot pepper relish, and sesame seeds.




Includes: Lettuce tossed with dressing. Dressing=1 tsp evoo, 1/3 lime, salt, and cracked pepper. Shake dressing well before tossing with salad.

Food art and love:

P1060531 P1060532 P1060534 P1060535 P1060536 P1060537 P1060538 P1060539 P1060541



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