Coconut curried spaghetti squash with romain and purple potato salad

I try to cook a great meal while keeping in mind inventive ways to reuse it as leftovers. Tonight on the menu: Coconut curried spaghetti squash with a romaine and purple potato salad.

After glancing in the fridge, on the pantry shelf, and in my spice cabinet, I had these ingredients to work with.       Top: salad mix    Bottom: spaghetti squash mix

Forked the spaghetti squash (literally stabbed it with a fork) and microwaved it for 2 mins. Although I don’t usually use the microwave, I find it makes the squash much more manageable…anyone know any better ways to halve a squash?

Caramelized some white onions…did you know that all you have to do when making caramelized onion is dice em’, throw them in a pan, turn up the heat, brown them, add water, and repeat for 5~10 minutes?! No oil, salt, sugar, syrup, or anything else necessary other than h20 and the onions. After caramelizing them, I added it to coco milk in a pan and brought it to a nice simmer.

Next I added the chopped veggies: (okra, zucchini, red chili pepper, garlic, and carrots)

 low-sodium veggie stalk, and 2 tbs of organic red curry. A pinch cinnamon, tarragon, black pepper, lemon juice, and cumin added a nice touch. Fresh cilantro would have been perfect! Let it simmer (covered) for 15 minutes on low. For crunchier veggies, simmer for 5.

I saved the ends and extras for making homemade veggie stock:

Meanwhile, the potato salad gets prepped.

Cut the purple potatoes and boil for 8 minutes or until firm but done. Chop fresh green onions, cabbage, romaine lettuce, and mix in a bowl with 3 tbs of whole grain mustard, lime juice, a dash of beer, olives, 3 tbs crushed walnuts, crushed red pepper, and milled flax seed. Use your hands to mix so the flavors really get absorbed in. Taste and add any extra flavor you see fit.

After checking on the curry and all smelled, looked, and tasted good…I mixed in the spagsquash. Viola!

Leftover possibilities…

*Soup. Make a homemade stock using discarded veggies. Strain out stock and add leftover coconut curried spaghetti squash…season to taste and add any extra chopped up veggies you have.

*Cold coconut curried spaghetti squash & sriracha lettuce wraps

*Husband’s lunch: Toasted tortillas, potato salad mix, cholula sauce, pinto beans, spinach, zucchini, and salsa. Here’s a pic


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