Happy Hour Cooking Class in Garden Ridge

Once again I had the privilege of working together with some amazing women. They graciously allowed me to spend an evening with them centered around nourishing food and good conversation. Most of the ladies that attended did not know what they were walking into. When they knocked on the door and I jumped out from behind it– they realized there was no turning back.

But once we introduced ourselves and the party got going, we all started to loosen up and feel excited for the eventful evening that lied ahead. We are all there for the same reason: friendship and food…good, real, clean food. Food that is so easy to recreate and that you will enjoy making at home. It is these moments that make me LOVE food. When food is around; beautiful, fresh, colorful, and inviting food, there is a sense of peace and positivity in the air.

As the evening moves on and each person has found their place in the kitchen, I am continually impressed with how much fun each woman has while creating her dish. There are no mistakes or recipe disasters. We work with fresh fruits, veggies, maybe cook a few items on the stove and then mix in spices and herbs. The recipes are foolproof–but each individual personalized their work by adding their love and a few extra embellishments to the plate.

I am so grateful for these classes as they are teaching me too. They teach me that we all have wonderful services and talents to offer. That we all enjoy community, wellness, and food that makes us feel good. These classes make me smile and give me hope!

Thank you ladies for such a sweet and enjoyable evening. You all worked so hard and managed to create some truly yummy food. Thank you and cheers!

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