Healthy Holiday food!

A little late on this post but I still feel the need to celebrate and post! Going on vacation presents some major obstacles when trying to eat healthy or stick to your diet. You’re away from your routine, you’re celebrating, you’re drinking at 3pm (no, just my family?), you are surrounded by brownies, cookies, pies, burgers, fritos, chips and dips, soda, and sweet/fried goodness. How can you stand a chance?

We did!

This fourth of July was different from all the ones I have known growing up. This 4th was focused around health, healing, and celebrating good food. Can you imagine how happy and proud I was:) It wasn’t even difficult. We just made come conscious choices, decided to savor food instead of scarf it, incorporated beautiful and colorful fresh veggies and fruits, and gave gratitude when we woke each day feeling lighter, happy, and healthier. A win win.

Even Uncle Sam thinks eating right is cool!

Broccoli, cauliflower, toasted sesame seeds, nutritional yeast, garlic, and onions…put it all in a pan (minus the nutritional yeas and sesame seeds–add last) and sauté it up in veggie stock or h2o. I will be making this again!

A hearty lunch

Grilled veggie and portabella fajita night!

And some afternoon snacks!

What a wonderful weekend! 

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