Roasted smokey, earthy, spicy lentils!

I was so sluggish all day yesterday; in a complete fog. But when I got home and I saw my lovely husband we both had such energy that he cleaned the house while I got to play in the kitchen. A productive and therapeutic evening after a very lethargic day–I love a good second wind! Our evening also included a late-night swim at Barton and a cocktail on the porch. I highly recommend you try this meal and the evening in its entirety.

The meal was inspired by a bunch of farmers market veggies that were on their last leg. I hate-hate to compost good veggies and not use them so I had to think of a way to change their texture and bring out their flavors. Almost made a salsa when I threw them all on a pan and roasted them on 385 for 35~40 minutes, turning every 15 minutes. 

Veggies: Cherry tomatoes, my mom’s bell peppers, garlic, baby golden beets, heirloom carrots, 1/2 an old onion

Spices: Fresh chopped sage in abundance, dark chili powder, mexican oregano, crushed red chili peppers, fennel seeds, honey, sea salt, dash: cumin, cinnamon, and curry

Liquids: Veggie broth, water, and some old white wine:)

Meanwhile, I put some black lentils on. I washed them, put them in a pot with an inch of water topping them, added to hot peppers, and a 1/2 cube of bouillon, brought them to a boil and then reduced, and let them simmer for 12~15 minutes.

Such a beautiful smokey, spicy, sweet, and comforting dinner.

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