Fresh and Healthy Picnicking!

It was date night with my gal-pal and I decided to cut costs of dining out (and continue on the healthy eating track) by making a super fast ensemble of food. It took about 30 minutes to put this together and the only thing I had to purchase was Whole Foods 365 merlot ($5.99!) and some basil.

The fridge still had some groceries left in it even after eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner at home all week. I wanted to use what was in there and I had to get creative! I found:

Plus: mushrooms, homemade bread, olives, 1 cucumber, 2 green onions, a red onion, grapes, and sauces.

I decided to make the most delicious dish that I recently had: Panzanella–Italian bread salad!! I also quickly sautéed up some mushrooms, and plated some of my potatoes and beans with a few extra spices. Here is the recipe!!


Ingredients: Toasted whole grain bread, spring mix, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, shaved red onions, Kalamata olives, sliced grapes, radish, homemade dressing (recipe below), and basil!

Procedure: Place spring mix on plate. Line outer rim of plate with sliced radish. Slice grape tomatoes, grapes, and cucumbers and lay them on the spring mix. Chop kalamata olives and thinly shaved red onion–sprinkle over salad. Now the bread!! Heat a pan on high. Once it is piping hot lay one side of the bread down. When it’s quite toasted (1-2 mins) turn over and do the other side. Slice the bread and lay over salad. Top with thinly sliced basil. *Dressing: 2 tbsn of balsamic, 1/2 tspn of amino liquid, 1/2 tspn of whole grain mustard, 2 drops honey, dollop sriracha, sprinkle oregano, and 1/2 tspn milled flax seed to thicken. No OIL:)

Sautéed mushrooms: Slice mushrooms, heat in pan on low with a lil amino liquid, smoked paprika, tspn water, oregano, hint of cinnamon, garlic powder, and cracked pepper. Cook with lid on for 5-8 minutes.

Potatoes: Boiled, sliced, and tossed with lemon juice, chili powder, a few drops of Texas Stinger sauce, oregano, and a few drops of amino liquid.

Black beans: Open a can, put on plate, and top with green onions! 🙂

The spread!

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