Summer radish heaven

Tonights meal was inspired by a hot day and some beautiful red radishes! Went on a run in the scorching heat and got home, opened the fridge, and saw my radishes-a week old, gorgeous, and wanting to be used!

A refreshing salad, northern bean and roasted garlic hummus sliders, and cheesy-curried cauliflower….mmmm Perfect meal to combat this summer day. Here is the menu up close and personal, ingredients/recipes, and an idea of what to do with the leftovers!

Cauliflower:  Fresh cauliflower tossed with: nutritional yeast, curry powder, veggie broth, amino liquid, mexican oregano, fennel seed, and a dash of chipotle powder.

Summer radish sliders:  Toasted Ezekiel bread, northern bean hummus (see recipe below), thinly sliced radish, sliver of avocado, lemon juice, caramelized onions (see recipe below), cilantro, sriracha dollops, and cracked pepper.

Caramelized onions:  yellow onions in a pan with honey, paprika, cracked pepper, and lemon juice–sauté on med for 5-7 mins covered and then raise temp, remove lid, and cook till pleased)

Homemade bean dip!
Northern beans, roasted garlic (peel, put in small pan, bake 350 in inch of veggies broth with oregano for 7 minutes–pour all contents into the blinder) organic peanut butter, amino liquid, touch sriracha! Blend all up in your magic bullet!!!
Salad:  Grape tomatoes, button mushrooms, shaved red onion, grapes over a bed of baby romaine–with milled flax seeds sprinkled generously over and a splash of balsamic.
The spread!
Leftovers: Fresh greens, leftovers slider, dollop of hummus and carrots to dip, plus leftover salad from dinner and leftover cauliflower! It takes 5 minutes to make this and it really helps our lunch budget!
Okay, dinner is finished, tomorrow’s lunch is ready, and dishes are washed…full of energy and off to listen to  with the hubby!

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