I love families and making them nourishing food!!

This was week two of cooking up goodness for an incredible family. They have adopted me into their home to come once a week and make several meals as well as put several “kits” together–so they can cook a night or two too.¬†They get a CSA box and I love being able to make on-the-spot […]

Broccoli potato soup, peanut butter quinoa, and kimchi fried rice

Another great day spent cooking up some food-love! Within a total of 4 hours this family gets food for the week for their growing boys to feast upon. I love cooking in their kitchen, listening to music, picking fresh greens from their garden and knowing that I am making nourishing meals for these awesome kids! […]

Cajun beans for 40 people: Start to finish

If you would have asked me when I was little if a fun Friday night entailed cooking beans for 40 people, I would have questioned that. However– with a little music, the windows open and the opportunity to feed people healthy-love-filled food…..it was indeed a Friday evening well spent! Beans for 40…… First, I soaked […]

Saturday in the park + delicious sandwiches!

A fun and relaxing bike day with the man all over the beautiful city of Austin. We had brunch out and about, took our first dunk of the season into Barton Springs, attended the Succulent Festival at Zilker Botanical Gardens, and¬†managed to pick up a few ingredients on our way home to make some yummy […]

Nourishing a lovely family of 5

Every Thursday I get to spend time with the sweetest family. I menu plan, shop and cook food for the week. The best part, the kids have become interested in the process of cooking, they love to sample whatever I am concocting, and they beg for more veggie-loaded dishes:) Makes a girl happy! When I […]


Homemade tapas are a fraction of the price, mucho healthier, and made with your own love–so they will inevitably be more delicious, better for your wallet and better for you. Tapas can also be a wonderful incentive to clean out your fridge or tweak last night’s leftovers (incorporate new flavors/textures/spice). The Tapa’s spread: toasted sunflower […]