Saturday in the park + delicious sandwiches!

A fun and relaxing bike day with the man all over the beautiful city of Austin.

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We had brunch out and about, took our first dunk of the season into Barton Springs, attended the Succulent Festival at Zilker Botanical Gardens, and managed to pick up a few ingredients on our way home to make some yummy birthday triangle sandwiches. I figured since we were attending a “game themed” birthday bash that I should channel my inner child and make some triangle sandwiches–adult style:)

They were cheap, fast and AMAZING. A step up from PBJ (peanut butter & Jelly), I called these my NBC’s (Nut butter & Cucumber.)

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  1. Seeduction bread from WFM
  2. Raw Pad Thai sauce (cashew base) also from WFM
  3. Almond butter
  4. Thick cucumber slices
  5. Arugula
  6. Yellow bells
  7. Red onions
  8. Sriracha
  9. Black pepper

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