Urban Roots Tour de Farm: Annual signature fundraiser

I love my job and ATX!

What a magical, beautiful and peaceful evening spent on Austin’s Urban Roots farm. I am humbled to have been awarded the opportunity to represent WFM as a Chef/Healthy Eating Specialist amongst the line-up of incredible Austin foodies such as Paul Qui, Bryce Gilmore, Daniel Olliveria, Matthew Baugh and Rene Ortiz…we all came together to make our own unique creations to fundraise for this special non-profit (supporting their mission of using sustainable agriculture to transform the lives of young people and increase access to healthy food in Austin.) The event raised $75,000 for Urban Roots and we all had a complete blast throughout the evening.

“Urban Roots provides paid internships to Austin youth, age 14-17, to work on our 3.5 acre urban sustainable farm in East Austin.  Each year, we have a goal of growing 30,000 pounds of produce with the Urban Roots community of youth, community volunteers, and staff.  We donate 40% of our harvest to local soup kitchens and food pantries and sell the other 60% at farmers’ markets, through our Community Supported Agriculture Program, and wholesale.

During the 25 week spring and summer youth program, youth Interns develop essential life and job skills while growing food for the Austin community.  Each fall we hire 24 youth Farm Interns, three youth Assistant Crew Leaders, and three youth Agriculture Interns to work with us for the upcoming program year.  Additionally, youth Interns receive variety of workshops on sustainable agriculture, healthy lifestyles, life and job skills, and food justice issues, including hands-on service at hunger relief organizations.  Through our dynamic and holistic program, Urban Roots youth Interns grow into some of Austin’s youngest leaders, advocating for a sustainable and healthy food system for all.”– www.urbanrootsatx.org 


I am a smitten-kitten and feeling huge waves of gratitude;) Thank you WFM, thank you Urban Roots, thank you Austin, thank you community!

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