Kimchi, Kimchi…it is good for you and me, again.

Yesterday was the 5th annual Kimchi making fest. Mark and I love and look forward to this day the instant we eat the last bite of that years’ kimchi. Uncle Ray grows the cabbage, green onions, leeks, and Daikon radish. He then harvests it all and soaks the cabbage in salt water the night before the big day. 18 lbs of cabbage this years, and 6 lbs of radish.

With Omie along for support and encouragement, Mark, me, and Uncle Ray begin the process that looks something  this:

P1070439 P1070440 P1070441 P1070442 P1070443 P1070444 P1070445 P1070446 P1070448 P1070449 P1070450 P1070451 P1070452 P1070453 P1070454 P1070455 P1070457 P1070459

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