Practicing for Passover Challenge

A family who I cook for gave me the honor of being their passover chef. Their closest family, all 20 of them, would be coming over for Sader and wanted to enjoy delicious and Passover-friendly foods. I was provided with a list of ingredients I could not use and then had to develop 4 side dishes of which were Passover compliant. No problemo:)

The Menu:

passover screen shot

I wanted to practice or rehearse the menu a day before the Passover Cooking Challenge so, I made one dish yesterday at work (Ratatouille Passover Pasta) and Mark and I made another dish last night (Nutty Orange and Balsamic Quinoa) in efforts to deem them “Passed for Passover.”  Verdict says: PASSED, with beautiful flying colors!

Ratatouille Passover Pasta……

passover pasta wfm

Nutty Orange and Balsamic Quinoa with a Kale and avocado side salad……

passover 1 passover 2 passover 3 passover 4 passover 5 passover 6 passover 8

And some leftovers for Mark!

passover 7

Yay! Can’t wait to cook up some love for this family:)

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