Happy Hour Cooking Austin!

These cooking classes truly encompass everything that makes a great evening and leave you feeling confident and capable in the kitchen. Good food, easy recipes, hands-on kitchen skills, happy hour energy and fulfilled bellies…yes please!

What a fun evening filled with fantastic ladies and delicious food. One of the best parts of these gatherings (outside of the educational bit and hands on cooking experience) is watching people who don’t know each other form new friendships and enjoy great conversation. Each attendee made the evening the success that it was and THANK YOU ladies for sharing your night with me. I will say it again and again, I adore these classes and the community food-love they bring. Looking forward to the next one and spreading the energy that real and clean food brings.

1 Response

  1. Keli D Images

    Love this!! Looks like everyone had a fantastic time:) Maybe Houston can be your next destination for a cooking class. hint hint

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