“Make your bite” dinner

This dinner took 35 minutes to make, required no oil, dairy, or meat; but left me so satisfied I might make it all over again tonight. So healthy, so good…happy bellies!!

Lightly steamed sweet potatoes, fresh green onions, cilantro, jalapeno vinegar, and spiced with mexican chili powder

Burghul-EASY and DELICIOUS: Pour boiling water over and let sit for 30 mins. Great source of Iron, Fiber, and Protein. Add touch salt and cracked pepper to serve


Best hummus ever! Garbanzo, beer, Kimchi, teaspoon of peanut butter, curry powder, and a touch of salt.


Cabbage, onions, garlic, carrots, chopped jalapeno, and mushrooms sautéed in water and add: fennel seeds, jalapeno vinegar, touch salt, and oregano.

Served with a side of toasted whole wheat tortillas and raw collard green wraps.


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