Juicing and relaxing

I was honored to have the opportunity of making the juice for a wonderful woman during her spring detoxing weekend retreat.

Chavah Aima is a classically trained yogini, teacher and holistic health mentor. She has been celebrating the regenerative powers of the plants of the earth and advocating a raw vegan diet and juice fasting for health and spiritual awakening for nearly 30 years. Chavah offers individual consultations, support groups and rejuvenation programs in Austin. She is the author of Living Light: The 21-Day Alchemical Regeneration Plan.

During the three mornings I spent in her kitchen juicing, I learned valuable lessons on detoxing and living lighter.

Here are some pictures of the experience as well as photos of her book which offers step-by step instructions to heal, regenerate, and detox your body through an abundance of natural avenues including: raw food recipes, juicing knowledge and recipes, alchemical yoga and meditation, growing sprouts and grasses, and much, much more.

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