A five year old likes a raw chard wrap?~Must be that good!

Homeless and unemployed is the current situation for my husband and I, but do we want your sympathy…no! We still get to eat like champs thanks to some wonderful friends and family that take us in and let me cook in their kitchen. The past few nights we have been staying with my brother, sister-in-law, and their two beautiful children  (who thank the lord are fantastic eaters with profound palates!) and last night we had a feast!! YERMMY.

To each their own but I say this with passion: This meal needs no meat for you to feel satisfied, taste the flavor, and get every bit of nutritional maintenance your body needs to function. And it was fun fun fun to make and eat.



Side dish: Sweet potatoes and Russian kale
Russian kale: Chop it up, sauté with ginger, garlic, Coco oil, and white vinegar. Add salt and pep to taste…Don’t over cook–fresher the better!!
Sweet potatoes: Chop and boil. Remove water and add: Evoo, lil cayenne, lots of fresh rosemary, sea salt, ginger, touch honey, tarragon, and white pepper.

Quinoa stir fry:
1) Make a 1 1/2 cup quinoa with 1/2 veggie bouillon
2) Chop: cilantro, green onions, dried cranberries, and homemade Kimchi (I imagine sautéed sauerkraut with dash of cinnamon and hot peppers would be just as yummy)
3) Toast pumpkin and sunflower seeds (sprinkled with spicy-salty seasonings) in sauté pan
4) Mix all together and add extra Kimchi juice

Side salad. Eat as is or wrap it up too!
Salad: Roasted beets, sunflower seeds, long strips of shredded carrots, mixed greens and baby kale, hemp seed, and sliced white onion
Dressing: Balsamic, EVOO, ginger, white pepper, sea salt, sriracha, citrus juice of choice
Wraps: Serve with raw rainbow chard to wrap it up like a taco and slip in some extra nutritional value to your diet!!

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