Vegan dinner for all!!

My mom asked me if I would cook dinner for her friends and her friend’s vegetarian brother….uhh, yes please! (My parents are being such good sports with my new love of plant based cooking and they are sacrificing their nights of meat-eating to humor me and let me feed them anything fresh and natural….however; I think they actually like what they are eating!!) Anyway, the dinner was so much fun and I just love presenting the plates and talking about where the food is from and why we are loving our bodies when we eat it.

You know, my absolute favorite way to find my inspiration for a meal I am going to cook is to sit down with a beverage and browse either food  or I can search for a certain ingredient or vegetable I have or I can just parooz their newest page for some yummy ideas. I rarely even click on the photo to get the recipe but I find that just looking at these images of decadence makes my food brain kick in. That is exactly what I did to prepare for this meal and I will call it a success.

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