Kimchi, is good for you and me:)

Before boarding the plane to move across the globe to a country, which at that time I knew little about, both my husband and I were filled with excitement. What were the people like? How would we get around? Would we meet people of like-minds? And most importantly, would we like the food? One word: KIMCHI. Korea had me at Kimchi.

Although at first sight and smell I thought I could never come around, Kimchi stole my heart. Why did I fall so hard for this stinky, spicy, and slightly fishy, fermented cabbage? Was it the older Korean woman who walked me step by step through the Kimchi making process, the fact that I had no choice but to eat Kimchi as a side for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or was it the fact that Kimchi really is that stinkin’ good? (Pardon the pun.)

Once we were back stateside and after all of my ranting and raving about how delicious Korean food is, several of my family members had taken an interest Korean Cuisine. In particular, my Uncle Ray. He actually started growing Daikon radish and Korea cabbage in his garden. For 3 years now we have made our own Kimchi from the recipe that the little old Korean woman passed along to me.

What a wonderful and delicious tradition!! Take a look:)

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