Vegan Grilled Cheesy!

This meal was a ton of fun to make. It did take a little planning (soaking the beans over night) but other than that…easy-peasy-cheesy.

I woke up this am, drained the beans, stuck them in the fridge, came home 8 hours later, threw them in a pot, and cooked them for 55 minutes. I used about a cup of the beans for the cheese and threw the rest into a tupperware to reinvent them later in the week.

Ingredients for cheese: Gigante beans, nutritional yeast, onions, garlic, sea salt, and cracked pepper. (If you like spice, add crushed red pepper, cayenne, or sriracha!) Threw it all into the magic bullet and blended it up.

In the sammich: Fresh mushrooms, red onions, rehydrated sun-dried tomatoes, cilantro, homemade pickles, tomatoes, and love.

Spreading the cheesy love:

Piling it on there:

The finished product:

The amazing side that I will be making once a week from now on!

What are Gigante beans? Well according to

“Gigante beans are nutritious and filling. They are fat-free, cholesterol-free, are packed with fiber and protein and are a good source of complex carbohydrates. As their name suggests, gigante beans are large for legumes. As with most beans, gigante beans taste best if you soak them overnight before you cook them. Boil them in water with a few basic herbs for a simple dish, or cook them in broth with a variety of ingredients for a rich, full flavor.”

Read more:

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