Random and successful pasta

I literally had no clue of what to make last night. Got home beat tired and wished delicious and nutritious food to appear in front of me. 15 minutes later, it did!! If you have these simple items–pasta, grains, cans of beans, condiments, fresh herbs, and fresh produce– you are minutes away from a random and delicious dinner!!

Random, easy, and successful pasta dish:

-1 cup of whole grain pasta

– can garbanzo beans

-1 chopped cucumber

-stewed tomatoes: sliced cherry tomatoes, garlic, water, dash salt, sage, mexican oregano, cracked pepper, 1 hot chopped red chili pepper, dice white onions, and a sliced green pepper. Throw in the skillet and high simmer for 5 minutes.

-2 tablespoons of valentina

-1 tsp of peach vinegar

-sprinkle salt

-more mexican oregano

-fresh sliced basil

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