What to do when you have Artichoke and Beets

I knew I had to do something with the farmers market beets and my moms baby artichokes that were sitting in the fridge waiting to be used. Then the idea came…simple, healthy, and using what I have plus a few little extras.


Kale and kohlrabi salad (kale, kohlrabi, beet juice, honey, lemon juice, sea salt, and pepper) topped with roasted beets drenched in lemon juice and more honey.

Sautéed mushrooms: beet juice, garlic, salt, cracked pepper, chili powder, fennel, rosemary, paprika, cinnamon, and sriracha. No butter, no oil but just as good…better!

Artichokes: steamed baby artichokes.

Caramelized onions: jalapeño vinegar, honey, smoked paprika, salt, and dill

Served with whole grain toasted bread to make the perfect bite!!

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