Cold Lentil Summer Salad





Fresh, organic veggies. Is there anything better? And using only half of them will allow you to stretch your dollar and the time before you have to return to the store.

Chop to taste: purple cabbage, yellow baby heirlooms, cherry tomatoes, cilantro, green onion, carrots and marinated white onion (soaked in my spicy homemade pepper-vinegar).

Lentils boiled with bouillon, sea salt and cilantro stems .

Toss it all up with some coconut oil, spicy vinegar, sea salt and cracked black pepper. Top with avocado and queso fresco. Voilà.

AND this makes for a great bonus meal: The Cold Lentil Summer Salad Wrap.

I usually put half of whatever I am making for dinner aside (ex: salads, stir-fries, savory baked goods, etc.) and pop it into the fridge and revamp it into a new culinary creation for the next day’s lunch.



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